Monday, 31 December 2007

It's assessment time

Looking back and forward!

How are we doing?

How have we done?

Your comments will encourage more from me!


Thursday, 27 December 2007

What I love about Flash!

Group learning taking place.

Who needs a teacher?

You can see there's some hard thinking going on!

Look around the classroom when they've got a challenging project to do and theirs a lot of consultation and thinking going on

Are they enjoying themselves?

Are they fully engaged?

Are they thinking?

Are they learning?

It gets kids co-operating!

This is what I call education!

Monday, 24 December 2007

Worldwide Christmas Greetings

This group project went very well.

It was great to have so many teachers and children involved and they all seemed to enjoy it tremendously.

It was great for me to feel again the buzz of excitement in the classroom with actual children and teachers doing a Flash project.

Twiss Green with Chris Beedham was very special. To hear the children explaining to me how the animation worked made me realise that they were just one step away from changing the way it animated.

Geoff Davies in Swansea, Wales, is doing what I had hoped would happen and that is for my templates to be used in different ways. This will happen more and more I'm sure and I'm looking forward to working with Maggie in Thailand to adapt this template to respond and accompany Music of different kinds at the suggestion of Mark,'the music teacher'.

Then again to see the results of Angela Lee's class with those spontaneous drawings in Martindale Primary School, Hertfordshire, North of London was exciting.

What will really make my day is when teachers from one school start to suggest and implement ideas from another school - ideas sparking off each other.

When this starts to happen then we will know this blog has really taken off.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Christmas At Sandaig

Today at the Computer club the children made some Christmas Greetings:

The Children used Geoff Dellow's Christmas template from Video Tutorials for Macromedia Adobe Flash.

Or see the animations in their own window

I posted this on the school blog too: Sandaig Otters » Christmas animations I am sure the children would appreciate any comments.