Monday, 4 February 2008

Robert Hart, Intuitive Media, SuperClubsPLUSs and ICTOPUS

Bob's work greatly interests me as he is encouraging young children to design their own web sites, some day they may begin to use Flash! - I've offered to be an expert for them.

I've expressed my doubts about children spending too much time at the computers when they could be going on real adventures in the real world. Furthermore the way that ICTOPUS are handling there blog is in my view a disgrace and quite dishonest. So I have tried to replicate the discussion before it was deleted by Heather Govier and the ICTOPUS team. At the moment I've lost complete faith in their objectivity.

This of course applies to those captivated by Flash - we need to 'get a life' and keep things in perspective. For me renovationg a house, a weekly pottery group, regularly walking the neighbour's dog, and a fortnightly philosophy group give me variety.

Must say the Flash I'm developing with Maggie in Thailand is proving very exciting - a great collaboration with their music department. This for me is what Flash is all about!

More to come.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Art and Music

Maggie McGrane and I are working on a project that will extend the Christmas project into the area of animated shapes and music.

This is something that flash is ideally suited for.

The project came about because Mark the music teacher saw the Christmas Greeting work done by Year 3 (see below) and was excited with the possibility of doing something with Year 4 where animated shapes portrayed the emotions of the music. A brilliant concept that I've done some work with but this is a new approach that provides much greater scope for children's creativity.

Geoff has just prepared a tutorial on how to animate shapes in the way shown in the entry here much lower on Art and Music.

A second one shows how to add music.

We'll keep you posted (Contact me on gd at if interested!