Thursday, 20 March 2008

Flash and poetry!

Ian Alexander in Colorado Springs, USA and I are exploring The poem Out,out by Robert Frost!

Remains for sound and the spoken word to be added!

Friday, 14 March 2008

Unspoken communication !

Thanks Maggie for the thought - see comments below on "Animated shapes to music".

We could try to go back to the ideas that were used in the silent moves only without the captions. - Flash ballet! - I can see some animated faces now!

Trouble is can PCs come with the Flash work - long live Macs that are fine!

I feel a Youtube video on the way - who will be the first!

There are some very disappointing computer generated animations to music there - our kids can do much better!

How about ?

using lines as well as the solid coloured shapes

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Creativity Discussion

Thanks for all the fascinating insights into what you are all doing.

You may like to take up some of the issues here!

Also, I'll gladly forward any emails for you - gd at

Creativity in the Classroom - your replies

I emailled a group of teachers that are interested in the use of Flash with the following:-


It would really help me understand where to put my energies if you could give me a quick reply to the following:

Are there problems bringing in programs that encourage creativity and problem solving into the classroom?

Do you see Flash as part of these programs?

What alternatives do you favour? and Why? ! ! !

I've suspected that the people introducing new approaches are those with some time to explore new initiatives.

In the private sector there are people with time and expertise who go into and support teachers in their classrooms.

Would you love to do Flash but can't get round to it or is it out of date compared with the alternatives?

What are these and why do these appeal?

Would welcome your response - even the briefest - "no time to reply" would tell me a lot!


See comments for their replies:

Animated Shapes move to Music

Maggie (IT), Mark (music) in Thailand and I are working together to develop the putting together of art and music.

The first project was done with a year 4 class in one hour ready for a whole school presentation.Seven groups took a short piece of music and created their interpretation in colours and shapes.
Have a look and listen!

There is plenty of room to refine and extend this idea!