Thursday, 22 November 2007

Some new tutorials - walking figure

The walking figure in the link from the title was made by extending one that Chris Beedham did originally using the figure.fla file.

Those that know Flash will enjoy learning how to make a figure hurdle with a stick in one hand, even with his head bobbing up and down ! - here

Then after this amazing feat he walks up and follows a bendy path into the distance.

What may impress, is that as the sun goes behind the hill the landscape gets darker and so does he - here, this time .

Stuff to amuse you on a rainy day or entertain and challenge your brightest students.

I will sit back and be enthralled by what you will now show me that you can do.

Contact Geoff at: gd at if you're interested in using Flash with your students or would like to discuss possible projects.


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