Saturday, 10 November 2007

Brilliant new project from Swansea

Geoff Davies has only access to two computers with Flash 4 running - very close to his classroom.

This is his second project working I think with year 3 and 4 - the idea:

Fireworks in Flash for Bonfire Night - with a poem - see the children's work in the title and here

This is the beauty of using Flash - the teachers can create their own projects to suit their class - starting from the square circle file and adding a space for a poem.

Previously Geoff 'Taffy' D prepared his first very own template for:
Exploration of Space - Mission Earth and Mission Mars

"Thought you'd like to see two examples of work from my class" he writes -

"Conversation between myself and Dylan, a Year 4 boy.

Dylan: My movie's running a bit too fast

Me: What can you do about that?

Dylan: I could always add some more frames


Idea for Blog - children's quotes/observations

Lastly - as I understand it - a talented year 4 student produced the phases of the moon himself - with a little help from teacher!

Brilliant - or have I said that before!


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