Sunday, 14 October 2007

What Geoff is doing at present

The Tudors

My present priorities are :-

Teaching three teachers with about six ready to start in the near future

Supporting those that have already started Flash 4 with me.

Preparing more on-line tutorials - At present :editing "Introduction to Flash 4 - motion tweening and shape tweening" done with Camtasia Screen Capture.

Being ready to take on a new group of 'students' that may wish to learn Flash 4 as a result of an article in ICTOPUS "Sharing Good Practice in Early November.

Writng a short follow up article for the following week on a Year 2/3 Christmas project

Preparing a template and the use of Flash 4 with text and pictures as an alternative to Microsoft's Word

Clarifying the licencing of Flash 4 through the legal services of my union ( we need others to use their LEA legal team to do the same) Contact Geoff to clarify the issues.

Promoting the use of Flash 4 wherever possible

Working with organisations that wish to promote new Creative uses of ICT.

Getting some sleep and staying sane whilst enjoying walking other peoples dogs, gardening, making pottery, studying present day Philosophy in the midst of steady relationships !

Planet Talking heads


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